Seeds For Success Affirmations for African American Children SKU: 163346

The unique gift contains 64 brightly colored cards, each featuring a powerful affirmation that will help your child develop a solid positive self-image, a healthy self-esteem, and great confidence! 


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Seeds For Success

Positive Affirmations for African American Children

Being a kid today is tough, especially when the world is constantly sending messages that your brown skin, kinky hair, or other features make you "less than" your peers. Each child is a gift from God sent into the world on purpose, with purpose and for a purpose!

The most important gift we can give our children is to help them discover the power of the spoken word and how it shapes their mindset, confidence and will set them on the path of success!

Teach them to combat the negativity and help them develop a supportive belief system, increased confidence, greater self-love, and a healthy self-esteem. 

Each deck includes

  • 60 brightly colored with powerful, postive images and affirmations
  • 4 cards for your child to customize with their own picture and affirmation. 

Teach your child to SPEAK TRUTH into and over their life!